Patient Info

  • Dear Patient, if you are visiting us for the 1st time or for getting operated or admitted, please remember to bring your documents in the order of events. This should include your medical history, your investigation reports, your treatment history and follow-up history from your previous healthcare provider/s; a copy of your Adhar card/Pan card as an identity proof and a copy of your insurance card/insurance details there-off.
  • If you are going to come to get operated upon or for any other invasive procedures, please contact the nurse or doctor and get informed about frequency of meals, NBM (Nil-by-mouth) i.e. no water or food, when to restart the food/water, medicines you will be required to take, investigations to be done before and after the suregery and amount of rest required before and after the surgery.
  • Dear Patient, if you are coming for a follow-up, please bring your documents from previous consultation to the hospital.
  • If you belong to the lower middle class or BPL, due consideration will be given after you reproduce the concerned documents like BPL card, alongwith your Adhar card/Pan card and insurance details.
  • The patient is given a discharge card at the time of discharge in which the details from his course of admission to discharge are given. You may reproduce this card at your next visit to Kalptaru Hospital or other hospitals.
  • All services are provided for the benefit of patients, with former consent from the patient and the patient cannot defame the hospital.